The entire Integral Anatomy Series is available for viewing on YouTube. V1, pt. 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K68kC9R7THc Here, Gil Hedley, Ph.D., of http://www.gilhedley.com gives a lesson on the importance of movement and stretching to maintain the sliding properties of tissues in the body, as well as the value of bodywork modalities and yoga when movement potential has become inhibited.


Turmeric is a very good anti-inflammatory and this article gives you information on the best way for it to absorb into your body and do its work. I like this brand for Turmeric because it's reasonably priced and pretty good quality although if you can find real turmeric root, fresh is always better. 


  • WESTCOAST BODY CO                                                    !!!!!!! I now sell this in my studio !!!!!!!!!!           This is where I get my Arnica Cream!!!! He lives right here in Northwest Oregon and also has a GREAT royal jelly cream that I use for my face. Enjoy!



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